Supporting Youth through Education

The Supra Mahumapelo Foundation supports programs which help disadvantaged youth to improve their well being. Considering that youth from disadvantaged backgrounds are often at risk of dropping out of school as a result of hopelessness and difficult conditions, the foundation realises that helping youth through school is the first step towards assisting them to recognize their destinies.

The foundation will foster interactions between youth and private organizations, where potential can be identified and partnership initiated to identify areas that need special attention. The foundation will increase youth's chance of success in any subject field and unlock future career potential.

It is his compassion for youth; and his real understanding of youth affairs and dynamics; that the SUPRA Mahumapelo Foundation has been established. The Foundation will make a commitment towards education and mentoring programs for the youth of the province. The foundation is committed to the development of young people through a series of assessments, reviews and monitors the success of its beneficiaries.

Supporting Youth through Education: Leadership

Through some of the initiatives that will be championed by the foundation, a particular focus will be on identifying leaders for tomorrow. The foundation is the breeding ground where leaders can be identified, nurtured and prepared for the future.

The SUPRA Mahumapelo Foundation will promote talented people in rural areas, and will encourage them to build programs and models that can benefit their communities and develop their own lives.

SUPRA Mahumapelo Foundation: Student Sponsorship Fund

The Supra Mahumapelo Foundation will provide sponsorships for students who are motivated to attain an education but who don't have an opportunity to attend school due to a lack of financial resources. The foundation will provide sponsorships for primary and secondary school learners as well as for youth in higher learning institutions who participate in research initiatives that can benefit the people of Bokone Bophirima and South Africa as a whole.

The foundation hopes to instill and promote education as the fundamental basis to which an entire society can be uplifted. The plan is to ensure that all members of society have an ability to make a meaningful contribution to their communities. We will support potential in young people and foster their knowledge, resulting in widespread social change and the eventual eradication of poverty in each community one day at a time. Our hope as the foundation is to ensure that youth through education will become self-sufficient and independent.

The Foundation will also establish awards and prizes that encourage youth to develop their talents. The awards will go to outstanding young people who have made great contributions and achievements in the province's development.