Youth Enterprise Development

The SUPRA Mahumapelo Foundation will also assist youth to become independent. The foundation will foster a culture which is entrepreneurial and assist talented youth to build capacity and sustainability of their small enterprises. Our strong appreciation of culture and traditional heritage will see us investing in youth cooperatives and enterprise development opportunities pursed by youth in rural areas.

The foundation will support and build capacity for young entrepreneurs and rural development. The foundation will assist young people in rural areas to access the market through financial and non-financial support and unleash the potential of youth to participate in the mainstream economy. It's mandate will be to support youth organizations by providing infrastructure and other procurement needs as required by applicants.

The SUPRA Mahumapelo Foundation will hone the growth of youth managed enterprises and ensure steady streams of opportunities are created. Youth mentorship programs and business associations will be formed, as a means of creating awareness of the foundations' intent of raising capital for youth enterprise development opportunities.

Accessing Grants and Support

The SUPRA Mahumapelo Foundation is a private foundation which operates as a nonprofit organization and adheres to self regulation and the prescripts within law that regulate the Foundation's activity. Clear rules and regulations in the Foundation's affairs serve as guidelines and provisions of internal control, accounting and financial audit. The foundation receives money from organisations with preferred funding areas which have been predefined, but are not exclusive.

The Foundation's principal purpose is to make grants available after a thorough assessment of proposals. The foundation's investment committee will select and review performance of funded youth programs and initiatives. The Foundation will stay committed to funding youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Funding information will be available online and at the foundations headquarters in Manamolela Village.